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Kimera Way Of Life

A Brutal Rat Race

A holistic lifestyle is a privilege and a decision- to nourish the body, mind, and spirit for overall wellness. This can be achieved by harmonizing the energies of the body by enhancing the foundational elements of good nutrition, exercise, sleep, and mental health. Globally, many people who may identify themselves as medically healthy and not needing any medication need not be living with wholesomeness but only if maintained a holistic lifestyle can they achieve their full potential. 

The hustle lifestyle leading to success, money, prestige, happiness and high self-esteem is being glamorized by people to climb up their career ladder and achieve goals. Despite its widespread popularity, it is worthwhile to consider if it is the “quickest road to make it in life” or the “fastest road to burnout.” This routine race completely undermines the pursuit of success, which is to have a fulfilling life.


When Routine becomes Habit

It is difficult to break the cycle of routine, and in this culture of hustle, it will require a certain attitude and commitment to building enduring habits that prioritize overall wellness above productivity. Contrary to our forefathers, we live abundant, convenient lives that are accustomed to routine but we transitioned from being active to being sedentary, from the natural to junk and fake, from the peaceful times beneath the stars to sleep less, busy evenings and the strain of achieving targets. 

We create habits and then our habits create us. We subconsciously form habits as consumers, and then these patterns create our purchasing behaviors. Our habitual choices for sustenance in a day-to-day life may add fuel to the fire of our ever so deteriorating health due to lifestyle choices. Our markets are overflowing with substandard, adulterated and low-quality goods. Unclean and misleading labelling and advertisements drive sellers to withhold crucial information from customers in order to boost sales. These practices are dishonest not just for consumers who don’t receive the goods for the price they pay and producers who aren’t fairly reimbursed for the labor they perform, but also for nature, which bears the brunt as a result of unsustainable business practices.

Health is a state of harmony that can be attained through dietary and behavioral changes. And there is no better alternative than nourishing the body with the gifts of nature. What transpires inside is reflected outward. A contented soul leads to a healthy body, and a healthy body is vibrant and upbeat.


Nurturing Happy Lifestyles at Kimera

We believe in allowing the body to grow and heal by itself with the gifts of mother nature. Kimera Home is a clarion call, a pursuit of a mother to provide and nurture with natural, organic and chemical free utilities from the bosom of mother earth to nourish her child. By offering all that is carefully chosen, genuine, and essential to enrich the lifestyle of our customers with health and happiness and support farmers, we at Kimera aim to contribute back to the community. In the era of eco-friendly and nature-conscious consumers, we want to provide a pleasurable experience with an innate feeling of authenticity customized by our team of homemakers and experts. Loving the Kimera way and living the Kimera life is a silent movement, a shift in thoughts and values. We want parents, families, and homemakers accompany and embrace this movement, helping them to become conscious and make informed choices.

Old is gold, but new is also to be explored. We want to conserve the gifts and knowledge passed down through generations to share and promote healthy lifestyle, but with a tinge of novelty and originality. Indulgence is soul-satisfying, but only until it is in moderation because some sense of joy and excitement is essential for living a life full of contentment. We, at Kimera Home believe in blending and crafting the traditional wisdom with contemporary art to create a balance of health and pleasure and experience the best of both worlds!

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  “More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate”   Roy Bennett

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